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Parent Resources at School


An effective teacher can make all the difference in student achievement. Teachers who strike the right tone in the classroom help their students enjoy school, and that means they are more likely to work hard and remember their lessons. Good teachers share a number of traits, including creativity, an upbeat attitude, consistency and solid instructional skills.  We have wonderful teachers here at MVMS that are dedicated to helping your child succeed at school.



  • Mountain View Middle School teachers are committed to students and their learning.

  • Mountain View Middle School teachers know the subject they teach and how to teach those subjects to students.

  • Mountain View Middle School teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.

  • Mountain View Middle School teachers think systematically about their teaching practice and integrate new strategies and methods.

  • Mountain View Middle School teachers are members of professional learning communities.

Mountain View Middle School Classrooms


*Bear pride*
Classroom Support


  • Every classroom contains a highly qualified teacher that is trained to deliver instruction in numerous ways to help every student learn.

  • Mountain View Middle School teachers are available before and after school to assist students with lessons, assignments, and questions.

  • MVMS 's curriculum is aligned with Idaho Core Standards and delivered with fidelity.

  • Every Mountain View Middle School teacher is trained to implement intervention with students that are struggling academically.

MVMS Support:  Above and Beyond Classroom Help

Mountain View Middle School offers the following programs to students who are still struggling academically and need extra support outside the classroom.



Flex Time provides an opportunity for students who need extra time during the school day to meet with teachers and make up work. Flex time is held Monday-Friday for 30 minutes. All students who have F's, will meet with those teachers on that subject's priority day. Every day after 2nd period all students recieve a progress report informing them of their current grades. Based upon a student's grades, they either meet with a teacher for remedition or attend an activity. Students that have passing grades are rewarded by attending an activity of their choice or they can attend classess to stay caught up with their work. Sometimes even if students are passing, they may be assigned to a FLEX session if teachers determine they need help mastering a concept.


Please contact the MVMS front office for any questions regarding FLEX.  785-8820

Bear's   Lunch   And   Student   Tutoring...

An intervention for students that have multiple F's. Students take their lunch and go to the FLEX Plus Room (Room 309) where they make up assignments and get help with any concepts that are not understood. This intervention is help during lunch.


Please contact the MVMS Counselor Penny Pattee to schedule your child for BEAR'S BLAST. 785-8820

Study Skills Class


If students still need, help, remediation, or more intervention they are placed in a study skills class for the trimester. This study skills class has 3-10 students and will be taught 1 -2 periods per trimester. Students will recieve instruction on how to study more efficiently and be given time/assistance finishing assignments and homework.


Please contact MVMS principal Wes Jensen to recieve more infomation on FLEX Study Skills. 785-8820

After School Programs
  • MVMS After School Program- Meets daily at Mountain View Middle School, 3:30-5:30 p.m.  All 7th-8th grade students are welcome to attend.  Please register at Mountain View Middle School.

  • Independence Alternative High School After School Program- Meets daily at Independence Alternative High School, 3:30-5:30p.m.  All 6th-8th grade students are welcome to attend.  Please register at Mountain View Middle School. 

  • Tribal Youth Education/Tutoring Program- meets Monday-Thursday, 2:00-5:00 p.m. at the TYEP building (corner of Bannock Avenue & Shoshone Drive).  All Native American students are welcome to attend.  Please call 478-4018, 478-4092, or 478-3851 for more information or to register.


Everyone here at MVMS wants your student to be safe, to learn, and grow personally. The above outlined school interventions are in addition to what your student's teachers will provide in the classroom. If your child needs additional school interventions please contact your student's teacher and develop a personalized intervention plan for you student. We want your student be successful and have a wonderful experience at MVMS!

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